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Pütz Group Logo

Accumation GmbH

Battery production machinery:

  • Starter batteries
  • Traction batteries
  • Industrial batteries

Special machinery

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Bellaform GmbH
Gau-Algesheim (Mainz)

Machines and systems for plastics processing:

  • Extrusion plants
  • Shear roller mixing systems

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HEGA Systems GmbH
Freiberg am Neckar (Ludwigsburg)

Machines for industrial cleaning and electroplating technology

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Hirscheider GmbH

Endfinishing machines and endfinishing centers

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Innovision GmbH
Saarburg (Trier)

Industrial Image Processing

  • Dimensional inspection
  • Surface inspection
  • Presence / Completeness check

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Micro Surfaces GmbH
Freiberg am Neckar (Ludwigsburg)

Deburring and surface finishing technologies

  • Abrasive flow machining
  • Vibratory finishing

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PMC Machinery Solutions, s.r.o.
Bratislava (Slowakei)

Machines and mechanical engineering for the automotive and supplier industry

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Pütz Prozessautomatisierung GmbH
Saarburg (Trier)


  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Management and control technology

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Machines and plants for the beverage industry

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Sampas GmbH
Kernen-Rommelshausen (Waiblingen)

Robot and system solutions for:

  • Handling and assembly
  • Milling and deburring
  • Grinding and polishing

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SilverCut GmbH

Cutting technology

  • Production and special purpose cutting machines for wet and dry cutting
  • Cutting machines for tests and metallography

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Stefan Pütz first started in 1988 as a ONE MAN SHOW. With his planning office he specialized first in automation software for production plants and their commissioning.

Ten years after the company was founded no longer just switchboards were built, but also complete systems including mechanical equipment and robotics.



The joy of new ideas and striving for high quality has become a driving force to take over and to continue successive different mechanical engineering companies. With their specific technology and Industry knowledge this has enabled the range of services to be constantly expanded.



PÜTZ GROUP now has 11 machine and plant engineering companies.There is a subsidiary in Slovakia.

On site, every company develops its products independently. Purchasing, human resources, marketing and controlling are centrally controlled. Today, the PÜTZ GROUP is characterized by the seamless interaction of the individual companies. Today, the PÜTZ GROUP is characterized by the seamless interaction of the individual companies. By the resulting synergy effects the customers can be offered holistic and high-quality solutions - also in the specialty of the individual companies.

Now we are facing the fourth industrial revolution. The customers expect increasing flexibility, shorter processing times and reproducible product quality.Industry 4.0 and its own quality demand drive the PÜTZ GROUP, constantly to redefine and to further expand existing capacities.